Precision Nutrition: The Future is Now

Pure Encapsulations® Launches PureGenomics® Platform, Empowers Physicians to Provide Specialized Nutrition Support Based on an Individual’s Genetic Makeup

Sudbury, MA – May 28, 2015 – The mapping of the human genome brought tremendous opportunities for optimizing human health, but this flood of information has also led to more questions. Can genetic variations lead to long-term health consequences? How can these be bypassed? And, how can clinicians use genetic information to help people achieve their best health?
Pure Encapsulations, a leading manufacturer of research-based, hypoallergenic nutritional supplements, is ready with answers. No longer will genetic variations script an individual’s future health – with the new PureGenomics website application and product platform, healthcare practitioners will be empowered with answers to help patients bypass their genetic destiny through personalized nutrition.

Methylation Made Simple

Methylation is a process that takes place in the body countless times per day. The term methyl refers to one carbon molecule attached to three hydrogen molecules and this powerful group of atoms is essential for many processes, like building and repairing DNA, clearing toxins and helping with nutrient absorption.
An individual’s genetic makeup helps determine how, and if, certain compounds and elements are methylated properly. Small genetic variations, known as Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (or SNPs) can greatly impact the methylation pathways and potentially contribute to negative long-term health consequences.

The Human Genome and the Promise of Individualized Medicine

Scientific advances have allowed researchers to decipher the human genome and identify genetic variations in a way that is available to virtually anyone who wishes to better understand their genetic makeup and its impact upon their health and wellness. With the introduction of the PureGenomics platform from Pure Encapsulations, health care providers now have the ability to TEST, TRANSLATE and TARGET important SNPs in the methylation pathway and then tailor a supplement regimen for their patients based on those vital insights.
This practice of precision nutrition based on a person’s unique genetic makeup has been sought after by scientists and clinicians since the human genome was first analyzed. “Pure Encapsulations is dedicated to changing the face of modern medicine. By integrating the latest science and genetic technologies, we have created a clinically relevant platform that removes the guesswork for both physicians and the patients they serve,” said Pure Encapsulations Vice President, Joy Devins.

The PureGenomics Platform

Developed in collaboration with Nathan Morris, M.D., and Pure Encapsulations Nutritional Pharmacologist, Kelly Heim, Ph.D., PureGenomics provides physicians with the knowledge and products needed to understand and support optimal methylation on an individualized basis.
Physicians can now learn which gene variations exist for each patient and make rational, individualized supplement decisions with confidence.
The PureGenomics platform encompasses three steps:

  • TEST for nutritionally relevant SNPs with saliva-based personal genome analysis kits by 23andMe®, a personal genomics and biotechnology company. Physicians and their patients simply visit, order the kit and follow the step-by-step instructions to obtain full-service DNA sequencing and secure, downloadable results.
  • TRANSLATE results to nutritional recommendations with This innovative website application (1) receives the 23andMe® results, (2) identifies eight key methylation SNPs and (3) translates results into specific recommendations.
  • TARGET with personalized nutritional support. Pure Encapsulations’ PureGenomics platform of products support the methylation pathway with targeted ingredients at clinically relevant doses and in clinically relevant forms.

The line of PureGenomics products includes PureGenomics™ Multivitamin, Folate 1000, B₁₂ Folate, Probiotic-5, plus eight other products specifically designed to address SNP-specific needs.
“Armed with vital genetic insights, a physician can leverage PureGenomics to recommend specialized nutritional support to help patients live their healthiest lives,” said Nathan Morris, M.D., co-developer of the PureGenomics Platform. “PureGenomics is designed to support cardiovascular and neurocognitive health, emotional wellness and detoxification — issues that are of universal importance to human health.”

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