New landmark study by The Institute for Functional Medicine reveals valuable insights into the advances Functional Medicine is bringing to patient care

The study, “Functional Medicine Practices: Opportunities, Challenges, and Emerging Trends,” was funded by Pure Encapsulations and represents the most comprehensive evaluation of the practice strategies and clinical applications of Functional Medicine ever conducted.

Key Survey Findings:

  • 71% of first-time Functional Medicine patient visits last 60–120 minutes, compared with an average conventional primary care visit time of 15 minutes or less.
  • 99% of Functional Medicine practitioners recommend nutritional supplements to their patients.
  • 66% of Functional Medicine practitioners currently offer educational seminars or hope to offer training models to their patients within the next 12 months.
  • Contrary to burnout trends among physicians, 43% of physicians practicing Functional Medicine plan to work into their 70s, indicating higher job satisfaction.
  • Functional Medicine practitioners reported increased use of advanced lab testing and a preference for electronic medical records, among other practice information that may be of use to practitioners considering Functional Medicine.

At Pure Encapsulations, we are committed to helping transform the way healthcare is delivered across the globe by supporting key initiatives in advancing the Functional Medicine movement. We are proud to be a partner with The Institute for Functional Medicine on this significant study and to provide educational resources, research, and nutritional products that help practitioners improve the health and wellness of their patients.

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About The Institute for Functional Medicine

The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) is the global leader in Functional Medicine. Its mission is to ensure the widespread adoption of functional medicine as the standard of care. IFM supports and disseminates innovative new tools and approaches within the extended Functional Medicine community and beyond, and works to identify stakeholders, issues, and major influences affecting Functional Medicine internationally through trends in primary care, consumerism in health care, digital health, and more.