New book With Contributing Author Kelly Heim, PhD Provides Detailed Overview Of Recent Developments In The Field of Antioxidant Polymers

September 12, 2012— Sudbury, MA – Pure Encapsulations, a leading manufacturer of research-based, hypoallergenic nutritional supplements, announces the release of a new book entitled, “Antioxidant Polymers: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications” (Wiley and Scrivener). Kelly C. Heim, Ph.D., nutritional pharmacologist in Research and Development at Pure Encapsulations authored the chapter, Natural Polyphenol and Flavonoid Polymers.

The book was edited by Professors Giuseppe Cirillo, Ph.D. and Francesca Iemma, Ph.D. of the University of Calabria, Italy, and contributing authors consist of academic and industry researchers from around the world. In his chapter, Dr. Heim focuses on polymeric compounds, such as the proanthocyanidins, which are largely responsible for the health benefits attributed to red wine, grape seed, cocoa, berries, pomegranate and pine bark.

Heim describes the potential therapeutic power polyphenols can exhibit and points to a new concept linking probiotics and polyphenols. “Recent studies have underscored favorable interactions between polyphenols and intestinal bacteria.  Preliminary theories suggest these interactions may be highly supportive of disease resistance. The spectrum of health benefits for probiotics and polyphenols are becoming increasingly similar, further suggesting a functional convergence and opportunities to harness points of synergy through strategic nutraceutical formulation.”

Heim proposes extending current systems biology research to include the study of dietary phenolic signatures, their microbial metabolites, and potential intersections with the human metabolome, genome and proteome. Dr. Heim has coined the term polyphenomics to describe this new area of research. “Such a multidisciplinary inquiry will afford unprecedented refinements in integrative medical practices toward individualized nutritional therapies.”

Dr. Heim has worked in Research and Development at Pure Encapsulations for 4 years. Pure Encapsulations is committed to producing the most complete line of science-based nutritional supplements. Available through health professionals, every finished product is pure and hypo-allergenic to best optimize the long-term health of the most sensitive patients.  Pure Encapsulations manufactures nutritional supplements in an FDA-inspected facility, and is NSF-GMP registered in the U.S., GMP certified in Canada, and exceeds the standards of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) for supplement manufacturing. For additional information, please visit


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