A Fresh Start for Independent Pharmacies: The Pure Encapsulations® Foundational Toolkit

Written by Jason Lockhart

In the challenging landscape of today’s pharmacy industry, independent pharmacies continuously struggle with the complex issues brought on by Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs). Declining prescription reimbursements and the rising costs of drugs are just a couple of the problems that persistently affect your businesses, making the search for viable alternatives not just a preference, but a necessity for survival. One diversification strategy on the rise is the introduction of professional supplement brands, like Pure Encapsulations, into the front-end product portfolio.

It’s understandable to feel anxious when making changes like introducing a professional brand into your store. That’s why having a trusted partner to guide you through the process is essential. They will be well-equipped to offer advice on which products to stock, share educational resources for your team and customers regarding supplement benefits, and provide helpful coaching for handling customer price objections. By selecting Pure Encapsulations as your supplement partner, you can enjoy this level of comprehensive support throughout the process.


We’ve crafted a dedicated solution specifically designed to alleviate these concerns – the Pure Encapsulations Foundational Toolkit. This toolkit was developed to simplify the process of integrating professional brands into your business and helping to transform these perceived hurdles into opportunities for growth. As we delve deeper into this topic, you’ll discover how our Foundational Toolkit can effectively address these common pain points and help your pharmacy thrive amidst the challenges brought about by PBMs.


Choosing the right products to stock in your store is vital for your business’s success. Unfortunately, it can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially when adding a professional brand like Pure Encapsulations to your inventory.

The Foundational Toolkit features our Pure Select 10 2ft shelf planogram, any entry-level product selection. This planogram has been carefully curated with our bestselling products, including those already popular in pharmacies that carry Pure. This selection is easy to integrate into your existing offerings because of its similarity to the retail supplement formulas you already stock. Whether it’s our ONE Multivitamin, B-Complex Plus, or Hair Skin Nails Ultra, these formulas mirror the products your customers value the most.

The Pure Select 10 planogram offers the simplicity of a 2-foot planogram, minimizing the shelf space required and, therefore, the upfront investment. It serves as a starting point, providing a snapshot of what a successful Pure product range can look like in your pharmacy.


When recommending supplements, you must feel confident in the product’s quality and the information you share with customers. To help with this, our Foundational Toolkit includes a detailed Pure Select 10 planogram protocol as a quick reference guide for you and your staff. It provides information about each product’s features, benefits and recommended dosages.

This knowledge is critical for your business as it helps to establish customer trust by clearly communicating the benefits of a product. This trust can increase customer loyalty, repeat purchases and positive word-of-mouth referrals, significantly contributing to your pharmacy’s profitability.

Providing accurate information is also essential from a clinical standpoint, as it allows you to offer appropriate recommendations to your customers. By doing so, you are actively supporting the health of your customers and reinforcing the critical role your pharmacy plays in their healthcare journey.


We understand that one of the significant challenges you face as an independent pharmacy is educating your customers about your products. This is particularly true for high-quality, professional brand supplements like Pure Encapsulations, where differentiating our quality from retail supplements can seem challenging to communicate effectively.

Recognizing this, we’ve designed a dedicated video marketing resource as part of our Foundational Toolkit to address this challenge directly. The webpage offers downloadable educational videos corresponding to a specific product in our Pure Select 10 planogram. These videos are crafted to be both engaging and accessible, using practical, consumer-friendly language that highlights their features and benefits.

Streaming these videos in-store can create an informative environment for your customers. It lets them learn about our products as they shop, enhancing your front-end customer engagement.  Additionally, sharing these videos on your social media pages extends this educational initiative to your online audience, providing value to your customers beyond the confines of your physical location.


Discussing product prices with customers can be challenging, especially when dealing with premium supplement brands like Pure Encapsulations. That’s why our Foundational Toolkit also includes a one-pager that breaks down the cost per day of each product in the planogram.  This valuable resource takes the product’s suggested retail price and divides it by the number of servings per bottle.

This cost-per-day breakdown can serve as a practical tool to alleviate customer price objections effectively. It provides a relatable context that customers can understand, transforming the perception of an ‘expensive’ product into a reasonable, daily investment in their health. It gives you a concrete way to show customers that investing in their health through high-quality supplements may not be as expensive as they initially thought.


At Pure Encapsulations, our position as a thought leader in the independent pharmacy industry enables us to understand your challenges and needs better than anyone else. By embracing our Foundational Toolkit, your independent pharmacy can kickstart your expansion into professional brand supplements and enhance your profitability with a unique, high-quality option for your customers.

Are you ready to take the next step? Reach out to us today. Your dedicated sales representatives are eager to assist you in exploring the advantages of our Foundational Toolkit. Together, we can transform these challenges into opportunities for growth and success.


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