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Case Study Synopsis: Is Genomics always the right answer?

Presented by: Nathan Morris, M.D.+

Dr. Nathan Morris, M.D.+ guides you through his approach to patient care, which combines nutritional genomics with a strong foundation of functional medicine. We will explore the question, Is genomics always the right answer?Join us to find out, through real life case studies and a live Q & A discussion. Learning objectives-Understand the basis of nutrigenomics and why it is the key to personalization-Explore how genomics can easily be integrated into your patient care workflow-Discover the easy-to-use, complimentary nutrigenomics platform Dr. Morris uses in his practice.


About the Panelist

Nathan Morris, M.D.+ is the Chief Medical Officer of Atrium Innovations Pro Brands. He resides in Monument, CO where he has a multidisciplinary functional medicine practice, Good Medicine, which focuses on making the complex simple.Dr. Morris is certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine and has practiced root cause medicine for well over a decade. He is the co-creator of the nutrigenomics platform,PureGenomics®. He is also a co-host for the podcast, “Good Medicine on the Go” where he explores personalization, technology, and practice implementation strategies.

+ Our Medical Advisors are retained consultants for Pure Encapsulations.