Check our online, entry-level course that lays the foundation for understanding weight management!‡†

Weight issues constitute an epidemic in the United States, with over 70% of Americans reporting a BMI of over 25.1 Drawing from her 20+ years of clinical experience, Dr. Cederquist will share her methods for supporting healthy weight management in her patients, from the obvious to the obscure.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn why weight management is crucial in all practices
  • Discover new ways of looking at old problems with weight management
  • Help your patients make sustainable changes by implementing new tools, tests, and unique methods
  • Plus, assess your understanding of this topic as you tackle 4 modules designed for entry-level learners.


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Provides weight management support as part of a healthy lifestyle with a reduced calorie diet and regular exercise.

+Dr. Cederquist is a retained advisor for Pure Encapsulations.

1. Mitchell NS, Catenacci VA, Wyatt HR, Hill JO. Psychiatr Clin North Am. 2011;34(4):717-732