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Functional GI Concerns: Understanding and Addressing the Root Cause

Presented by: Daniel Kalish, D.C.+

In this presentation, GI thought leader Dr. Dan Kalish will explain his methodology for understanding functional GI concerns (the Three Stages of GI Function) and how to support the health of the GI tract.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the importance of the microbiome and its vital connection to the entire body
  • Understand the mechanisms underlying the Three Stages of GI Function
  • Learn how to support crucial aspects of gut health through dietary and lifestyle changes and exclusive protocols


About the Panelist

Daniel Kalish, D.C.+ is the founder of the Kalish Institute, an online training program established in 2006 dedicated to building Functional Medicine practices. The core of his practice model is correcting the microbiome using diet, lifestyle and supplement programs. Drawing on his training with traditional naturopaths, Dr. Kalish has developed GI programs for over 10,000 patients, has authored three books, and is a notable speaker at integrative medicine conferences across the United States.

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