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Hormonal Changes in Men: A Guide to Andropause

Presented by: Nathan Morris, M.D.+

As we age, hormonal changes can have a significant effect on our health and well-being. For middle-aged men, this can mean a decline in testosterone and other androgenic hormones — a period sometimes referred to as andropause. Changes in hormonal balance, in turn, can influence lean muscle mass, prostate health, libido, mental clarity, energy and much more. In our upcoming webinar, Dr. Nathan Morris+, board-certified family physician and IFM certified practitioner, will explore the effects of andropause and share important modalities for managing the health and comfort of aging men.


Learning Objectives:

  • Review the clinical significance of andropause
  • Learn how to evaluate your patients’ hormonal health
  • Explore evidence-based interventions to support men’s health and hormone balance
  • Reaffirm the importance of a men’s health care plan

About the Speaker

Nathan Morris, M.D.+ is the Chief Medical Officer of Atrium Innovations Pro Brands. He resides in Monument, CO where he has a multidisciplinary functional medicine practice, Good Medicine, which focuses on making the complex simple. Dr. Morris is certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine and has practiced root cause medicine for well over a decade. He is actively involved in the evolution of PureGenomics®, which he envisioned and co-created with Kelly Heim, Ph.D. Dr. Morris is excited for the future of personalization and its evolution as it empowers patients to understand their uniqueness and strengths.

+Dr. Morris is a retained advisor for Pure Encapsulations.