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PMS and Perimenopause: Keys to Comfort and Healthy Longevity

Presented by: Felice Gersh, MD+

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and perimenopause are hormonal conditions with many shared underlying factors and commonalities. In this webinar, integrative gynecologist Felice Gersh will review the importance of hormonal rhythms and explain how common disruptions can result in the many symptoms women experience with PMS and perimenopause. An integrative approach to addressing these overlapping conditions will be presented, including a discussion on the beneficial use of targeted nutritional supplements and lifestyle factors.


Learn more about:

  • The importance of a regular menstrual cycle
  • How estradiol and progesterone support numerous functions throughout the body
  • Which foods are conducive to a positive mood and how to effectively leverage lifestyle factors in PMS and perimenopause patients
  • The application of evidence-based supplements to support the health and comfort of your female patients

About the Speaker

Felice L. Gersh+ is an award-winning integrative gynecologist. She has special expertise in women’s hormones and the impact of environmental toxins, medications, nutrition, and aging on hormone receptors and production. Dr. Gersh graduated from Princeton University and the University of Southern California School of Medicine. Dr. Gersh helped co-develop the PureWoman exclusive.

+Dr. Gersh is a retained advisor for Pure Encapsulations.