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Strategies to Make and Maintain Positive Lifestyle Changes

Presented by: Kara Ware, NBC-HWC+

Clinical outcomes often depend heavily on how well patients can implement positive lifestyle changes. Patients usually know what to do, but they just aren’t doing it. In this webinar, board-certified health coach and business coach, Kara Ware, will explain how to apply a proven behavior change model to help you and your patients build simple, sustainable habits that can lead to profound transformations.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the three universal elements that drive behavior change
  • Learn how to partner with your patients to select, design and implement simple, healthy habits that root into routine
  • Discover tiny habits that you can implement into your practice today to help your patients feel successful
  • Hear a case study of how tiny habits added up to transformational change for a challenging clinical case

About the Panelist

Kara Ware+ is a functional medicine, board-certified health coach who has worked in conventional and functional medicine practices for 20 years. She uses her deep understanding of the patient experience, business acumen, and coaching skills to help clinicians launch, grow, and design the functional medicine practice of their dreams. Kara recently launched her first online course – the Therapeutic Partnerships Roadmap – that shares her proven model for designing and streamlining operation systems to create empowered patients and a thriving practice. Kara is also a business advisor to PureGenomics, offers nutrigenomic coaching services, and co-hosts the podcast Good Medicine On the Go.

+ Kara Ware is a retained advisor to Atrium Professional Brands.