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The Micronutrient Needs of Older Adults: When Does a Supplement Make Sense?

Presented by: Dr. Kelly Heim, PHD+

Suboptimal levels of various nutrients, including vitamin D, vitamin B12, calcium, zinc and choline, are concerns for older adults. While strategic food selection can bridge some nutrient gaps, supplementation may be warranted in select circumstances. In this lecture, practitioners will learn when and how to utilize dietary supplements to meet the micronutrient needs of adults 60 and older.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand underlying causes of low nutrient levels in older adults.
  • Learn about age-related metabolic enzyme decline
  • Discover essential considerations for evidence-based use of supplements in older adults

About the Panelist

Kelly Heim, Ph.D.+ is the Senior Scientific Director, Pharmacology & Genomics for the healthcare practitioner brands of Atrium Innovations, where he directs the translation of research and emerging discoveries to personalized medical innovation and education. A co-founder of PureGenomics®, he oversees the scientific development of the platform and produces multimedia genomics education resources for practitioners. Dr. Heim has a doctorate in pharmacology and has written and illustrated various peer-reviewed publications in the fields of functional genomics and natural products pharmacology.

+ Dr. Kelly Heim is an employee of Pure Encapsulations