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Top 5 Supplements for the Primary Care Practitioner

Presented by: Nathan Morris, M.D.+

According to data collected by the US government, many Americans fail to consume the recommended amount of fiber and important micronutrients.1 Correcting these low nutrient intakes through changes in diet and supplementation is an opportunity for primary care practitioners to enhance their plan of care. In this webinar, Dr. Morris will reveal the top 5 supplements he believes all primary care practitioners (allopathic and functional) should offer their patients.


Learning Objectives:

  • Discover which nutrients most Americans aren’t getting enough of
  • Learn how to evaluate patients to determine their nutrient needs; including how to test for essential nutrients and the limitations of nutrient testing
  • Learn why consuming the RDA is important, but often not enough for optimal health
  • Review the supplement formulations best suited for you and your patients

About the Panelist

Nathan Morris, M.D.+ is Chief Medical Advisor for Atrium Brands. He resides in Monument, CO where he has a multidisciplinary functional medicine practice, Good Medicine, which focuses on making the complex simple. Dr. Morris is certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine and has practiced root cause medicine for well over a decade. He is actively involved in the evolution of PureGenomics®, which he envisioned and co-created with Kelly Heim, Ph.D. Dr. Morris is excited for the future of personalization and its evolution as it empowers patients to understand their uniqueness and strengths.

+ Dr. Morris is a retained advisor for Pure Encapsulations.
1. What We Eat in America, Data Tables 2017 – March 2020 Pre-Pandemic. Agriculture Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture. Retrieved Jan 2023.