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The Renewable Energy Within: Remodeling Mitochondrial Networks through Diet & Lifestyle Strategies

Presented by: Kelly Heim Ph.D.
Tuesday, December 15, 2020

You asked, we answered! During the webinar event, we invited our listeners to send Dr. Heim questions relating to mitophagy and mitochondrial health. Click on the link below to read the responses to Dr. Heim’s Q&A.


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Learning Objectives:
  • Recognize mitochondrial renewal as a fundamental driver of energy production, brain function, muscle health, and overall wellness
  • Become familiar with a clinically actionable “mitochondrial quality control” process that remodels and repletes mitochondrial pools in muscles, brain, and other tissues with high energy demands
  • Learn how to support mitochondrial quality and quantity through caloric restriction, exercise, and natural products for muscle health and age-related applications

About the Panelist

Kelly Heim, Ph.D. is a nutritional pharmacologist and Senior Director of Scientific Affairs for Atrium Innovations’ health care practitioner brands, for which he oversees the scientific integrity and safety of products by maintaining rigorous standards of research evaluation and its application to product formulation. Dr. Heim has a doctorate in pharmacology from Dartmouth Medical School. He has lectured extensively to practitioner audiences on nutritional genomics, bioavailability, and safe and effective condition-specific use of dietary supplements.

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