February 26, 2014

Presented by James Greenblatt, M.D.

Lithium is an essential trace mineral with many important roles in brain function. Its involvement in emotions, thoughts, mood and behavior have been recognized for over 50 years. At doses commonly found in plant-derived foods, lithium supports neurotransmission and brain signaling pathways to maintain healthy mood, cognitive performance, and neuronal health. James Greenblatt, M.D., an integrative psychiatrist and Founder and Medical Director of Comprehensive Psychiatric Resources, Inc., in Waltham, MA, is a prolific lecturer and author with over 20 years of experience in nutrition and mental health. In this one-hour webinar, Dr. Greenblatt will discuss low-dose lithium as a nutritional augmentation strategy to support emotional, behavioral and neurocognitive health. Published research findings, dosage, bioavailability and assessment methods will be discussed.





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