March 26, 2014

Presented by Michelle Beidelschies, Ph.D. and Kelly Heim, Ph.D.

Adiponectin is a metabolic hormone that maintains healthy glucose and lipid homeostasis, vascular endothelial function and cardioprotection. In large studies, the cardiometabolic benefits of exercise and a healthy diet consistently correlate with significant elevations in plasma adiponectin levels. In clinical practice, adiponectin is a highly informative and convenient biomarker that accurately reflects metabolic progress toward cardiovascular health, glycemic homeostasis, and weight management success. In this 45-minute webinar, Michelle Beidelschies, Ph.D., of Cleveland HeartLab will review the role of adiponectin in the body, how it affects cardiometabolic health, and how monitoring of this biomarker aids in patient management. Pharmacologist Kelly Heim, Ph.D. will present evidence-based strategies to promote healthy adiponectin levels and its positive cardiometabolic ramifications.





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